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And they say fictional stuff doesn't matter!

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So My One-Month Hiatus turned into two (and a half) And I’m MOVING BLOGS![6 August ‘14]

I actually was considering not even coming back on Tumblr. During that hiatus, I wrote— and even finished a novel, while I’m still working on 2 more— and I watched new series— DNAngel, Sherlock, and I’m currently on Being Human (UK)— and saw new movies— Divergent, Interview with the Vampire, and Lucy being highlights— and read a new book series— Divergent.

But then I asked my friend Judy to make me a cool new dollhouse for my Pops, and she was more than delighted.

And I decided to get 3 new Funko Pops.

And I just have to share them with you when they arrive. But first I have to order them. But I first have to get money, since I spent about all my summer earnings so far on beads, books, manga, these cool “dancing” water speakers, and getting Divergent on DVD. And a Torchwood audio drama.

Also, I’m getting a new blog. I hate all the clutter of posts I have on this one. It’ll be called RavenChanningOfficial. I will reblog all my important posts onto it. Thank you for putting up with all the spam from me so far, and I’m proud to say I won’t be doing that any more.

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